Why ee reinstalls wordpress if we only need to change the cache type?


I run into the problem today, I had to use redis cache for my existing wordpress site. what I did, I created new site using ee site create example.com --mysql

Did migrate all my wordpress stuff using duplicator wp plugin, all process was a fun and went butterly after that I realized that I need cache and I want redis for caching.

What I did, I updated the site using ee site update example.com --redis, what happened after, ee re-installed the wordpress and configured the things. My all work has gone :scream:

Any way to only update the cache type?

ee site create --mysql

doesn’t install Wordpress, so when you did ee site update --redis ut installed both Wordpress and Redis.

In future you should run this command

ee site create --wp

It will create a Wordpress site w/o caching and you can add caching later as you did in your example

Please refer to this doc page:


I think, you didn’t get the point.

I am repeating my steps

  1. Created site using ee site create example.com --mysql, it configured php site and mysql database for me
  2. published all wordpress files and database (my site is working now over http)
  3. Need to add cache, did choose redis for cache and used this command ee site update example.com --redis
  4. I thought this command will configure the redis cache with my current site but unfortunately, ee removed my current working website and reinstalled the wordpress.

If I try to access my website I can see default wordpress theme :frowning:

Any way to install redis with removing wordpress? Hope you got my point

I think YOU missed my answer. Did you even read the article I sent?

Redis cache will only work with Wordpress installed, that’s why when you issued command with --redis option it installed Wordpress along with Redis caching for you.

If you knew you will install Wordpress why did you create a site with --mysql option? It’s usually used for apps other then Wordpress which use PHP and MySQL.

As I mentioned in my post I was using duplicator plugin for migration, If you want to move your wordpress site using duplicator then you have to have site and mysql ready, duplicator plugin will create tables for you and anything necessary it will automatically take care.

And I need empty site for duplicator to work, that’s why I created mysql site

If you have any better Idea to move site and please let me know!

Well, you can use a single plugin like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-clone-by-wp-academy/

Install it on both old and new sites. On old site you create a BACKUP of the entire site including database with the plugin, copy a link it provides, then paste this link into new website RESTORE link of the same plugin. Boom, you’re done.

Or yo can always do it manually if there are any server/webhosting restrictions that will not allow to do the above.

Copy /wp-content/ folder from your old website, download it, create site with

ee site create example.com --wp

or in your case

ee site create example.com --wpredis

then replace /wp-content/ folder with the one you copied and then use this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-migrate-db/ on your old site to create a copy of your database with correct new domain and server path already in the database. Download it and then import it into new database. Update wp-config.php file with new database info.

Hope it helps.

Thank you, bro!.

I will give a try and let you know in case any query.