Who can update Album names?

When updating the name of an Album, the WP Admin can do this, but when the group admin tries to change the name, the Edit option is not there.

Will group admins be able to update Album names?

Hello @tammy1999,

Group admin can add new album but won’t be able to delete/edit album details as those responsibilities are part of WP admin. Thus it is not possible as of now.

I will discuss your suggestion with the rest of the team. You can also add your ideas at this link - https://rtmedia.io/idea/

This way we can collect ideas from different users and discuss them to add them in our future roadmap.

Thank you, Pranali

Thanks for the answer. I have tried to put this on the idea page but for some reason it won’t let me login there.

Hello @tammy1999,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can add your suggestion here - https://github.com/rtmediawp/rtmedia/issues

Thank you!