Which security plugin to use?

So while trying to setup custom permalinks on a new Wordpress install today, I discovered that Nginx doens’t use .htaccess and as a result requires some configuration changes to support custom permalinks.

That now has me wondering, what other plugins rely on .htaccess and may not work by default on Nginx? In particlular I’m concerned about security plugins.

I’m currently using Wordfence. Can anyone recommend a security plugin that works correctly on Nginx? Or confirm if Wordfence already will?

If someone wants to break into your site, they will, no matter if it’s built on WP, Drupal, flat HTML …
Website security involves many layers, including proper hosting, vigilance, server side rules, as well as using a quality, well set-up plugin.
The plugin side of things could include WordFence or All In One Security or any of the host of other security focused plugins out there, depending on your preference, but, ultimately is just 1 part of the tasks you need to do.
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