Which DigitalOcean droplet package should I use?


I want to have EasyEngine v4 with digitalOcean but there are dozens of packages. Which should I use? Is the 5$ package is enough?

Scenarios that interest me:

  1. Single website with 1,000 users a day for one Single Droplet.
  2. Single website with 10,000 users a day for one Single Droplet.
  3. Multiple websites that add up to 1,000 users a day for single droplet.
  4. Multiple websites that add up to 10,000 users a day for single droplet.

Which packages should I take? (there is CloudFlare added to it)

If you are running blog-type website with low CPU intensive processes and low memory requirements:
Case 1 and 3: $5 is enough.
Case 2 and 4: $10 is better.

It also depends upon storage requirements and the content you are publishing. If you run CPU intensive websites or video streaming websites, you must find the package that is suitable for you.

10x for answering.

How much traffic per day do you thing I should upgrade from 5$ to 10$:
2,000? 3,000? 4,000? 5,000? 6,000? 7,000? 8,000? 9,000?

which one of these?

Depends upon what content you are serving. Is it CPU intensive? Video streaming? Or simply blog-type website?


Its mainly blog type website. (This is my case)

But it will good that you will answer for all types for people to know. Especially for ECommerce/WooCommerce & WordpessBB(forum).

Which types of websites do you know that have CPU intensive besides video streaming?

Unless you have storage issues, a $10 droplet can easily run 10,000 visitors per day. I had a blog site receiving 20,000 visitors per day running on a $10 droplet.

Alright 10x