Where to find the reason for Error 500? Log?


i have a WP Blog with Woo Commerce. Sometimes i get error 500 when working with orders etc. How do i find out where to look for the reason?


Ah, the ambiguous 500 Error

Basically, this error occurs when a web client makes a request of your server, and the server a) doesn’t understand the request, b) doesn’t know how to handle the request, c) isn’t configured to correctly handle specific files and/or scripts that are part of the request.

Someone else on here, may be able to give you a “more OFFICIAL” response as to what it means, but finding the issue can be just as difficult.

Id suggest you start with the document found here: https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/nginx/log-parsing/

The log file(s) referred to are located at:


…in case you were wondering.