Where is the template of the 'Edit Media' Details template (rtmedia Pro)?

Hello everybody, unfortunatly I can’t find the template for ‘Edit Media’? I found the templates favlist-single-edit.php and playlist-single-edit.php but nothing like ‘media-single-edit.php’.

Where is the template located?

Thanks in advance.

I think its not in Pro. Check out /buddypress-media/templates/media/media-single-edit.php

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Thanks, but I have Pro installed.Where can I find the related template in the Pro version?

Hi @Sebastian as @colabsadmin told, that template is not in pro version. You need to check rtMedia(buddypress-media) free version.

Ok, found it :o) I didn’t expect the buddypress-media folder because I uninstalled the free version before installing the pro version.

Thank you :o)

Hi @Sebastian , @colabsadmin ,

You are welcome. Feel free to create new support request if you found any issue.