Where is the option panel?


I'm trying to configure the plugin but I can't find the options/settings panel in the dashboard. Please help.

Thanks, Matt


There are not many things to configure as of yet.
Only thing you can do with the options is remove the “We :heart: MediaBP” text from the bottom of the page.
You can find the options for MediaBP as follows:
Goto wp-admin, then in the submenu of BuddyPress, you’ll find MediaBP(refer attachment).

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Oh ok I was trying to find the settings that I saw on this page:

Is that a different plugin? Looks amazing!

Also is there a way to remove the “Download” button from the /images/view page. My members are very concerned about people stealing their images.





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Well, thats our older plugin, which used Kaltura for storing the media files, after we made that plugin, both Kaltura and BuddyPress changed their API and classes respectively, so we created this plugin from the scratch once again. This time we didn’t focus much on the dashboard, since thats only for admins, we first created whats really necessary for users of your site, and we are pacing up our way towards providing all the features.


Now the options page is moved, its in the Media tab of the BuddyPress settings page

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