Where is group media?


Hi there -

I've installed Buddypress Media and the Media tab has appeared on individual users' profile pages, but not on groups' pages. I've done some looking around in the documentation, online and in forums, but can't seem to find any additional steps I should complete to make that appear. What am I missing?

WordPress 3.4.2

BuddyPress Media 2.2.8

MPMU Nelo theme



Hi oxfordhousebcn,

We’re about to launch that functionality in our version 2.3 which is about to be released very soon, currently media are available only for members.


Ah. Excellent. Thanks :slight_smile:



You’re welcome :slight_smile:


When is version 2.3 expected to come out? The roadmap stated December 10th. I know it's only been two days, but this is a vital feature I have been waiting on. Thanks!


The groups media is now live with the latest update Version 2.3 :)