Where are rtPanel language files?

I'm trying to change rtpanel language to spanish, and ebven if my whole wordpress is set to spanish, some parts of rtpanel stay in english.

Is there some specify language files to download somewhere or should this be done by hand.

If not, what files should I create/modify in the rtpanel file tree ?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Arnaud,

We don't have the Spanish Translation for rtPanel yet. But what you could do is login to https://rtcamp.com/translate/projects/rtpanel/es/default with your rtCamp login. Here you will find all the strings that need to be translated for rtPanel.

Once you are done with the translation, you can export the "Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo)" file and place it in the languages folder of rtPanel. That should translate rtPanel for you in Spanish.


Great ! I'm gonna take care of Spain/Spanish translation then !

Has French been done already ?

Thanks Joshua !

French has not yet been done. Here is the URL for the french translation though -> https://rtcamp.com/translate/projects/rtpanel/fr/default

Hey Arnaud,

Did you make rtPanel Spanish translation ?

I need it. If yes paste a link to get it.


@miguel - The spanish translation is not yet completed. You could check it out here -> http://rtcamp.com/translate/projects/rtpanel/es/default and contribute to it too.

Sorry Joshua can't do the rest of the translation, I'm not Spanish.

Anyway i'll use it because it seems that frontend is translated.

I've just left the Portuguese full translation, you may upload it.

Yep I started it but haven't finished it yet. I'm gonna speed it up. I'll keep u advised

That's great Arnaud.

By the way Joshua, what am I doing wrong, because my replies always display with \< p >\ tags ?

@miguel - Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to debug that issue.