When i active rtMedia Pro, Add albums disappears

Hi rtmedia
Thanks for your wonderful plugin.
i have a problem. when i active rtmedia pro, add albums from option disapears and only have bulk editing.
i need to say at the first time i activated this plugin, they both were there, but as soon as i went to rtmedia setting and i changed any thing (like on comment and etc), add album disapeared then i deactivate rtmedia pro, then add album comes back to option again.
i don’t know what i should do, please help me.
thanks a lot

by the way, my website language is persian.

Hello @arsalanzr,

Can you provide me with some details about which rtMedia addons you have on you site and their version numbers? We don’t have a product called “rtMedia Pro” anymore.

If possible, I would suggest that you create a Premium Support ticket, so that we can more directly assist you.

Awaiting your reply,

Joel Abreo