What's with the slider?

Hi Guys. Thought I'd play around with the rtp-slider for a few minutes and am really not getting it. I followed your instructions and there is no sliding going on at all. I changed the query so it is only pulling 3 posts from the "sliders" category. You can see the result at
http://y930.com/home/ . All I am getting is the three posts listed in order and a completely useless navigation link set at the bottom (prev prev). None of the scripts are working. Page source shows none of the scripts being added to the page. The scripts are located in the js folder in the child theme (as they are in your example child theme) and the code is added to the functions file (as your tutorial shows). You can see the result is that SOMETHING is being added to the page, but it is not a slider...

Can you advise?

The child theme comes with the jQuery Cycle Plugin. For this to work properly you would have to uncomment the lines enqueuing ‘jquery-cycle’ and ‘rtp-cycle-slideshow’ scripts ( present in rtp-custom-hooks-applied.php file ).

You can play around with the slider functionality by editing the rtp-cycle-slideshow.js file. The jQuery Cycle Plugin comes with lots of options.

Also there is a minor bug regarding the two prev links which should be resolved by downloading the latest child theme.

Hope this helps.

It helps immensely. That information could be added to your blog tutorial and it would help even more…

Also, can you tell us specifically which file(s) need to be replaced to remove the ‘minor bug’ regarding the 2 ‘prev’ links?

You would have to replace the rtp-slideshow.php file. It is the line following the
‘/* Uncomment following line if using pagination in the slider */’ comment.