What's the best way to replace media icons

I don’t like the rtmedia icons for video and music and doc,

Is there a way to replace them, maybe using font awesome?

Hi @Jono_Landon,

Yes, you can change default icons of media. You can refer documentation here -> http://docs.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/developer/hooks/rtmedia-hooks/rtmedia_allowed_types/

Where do I put this code?

In your theme’s folder (/wp-content/YOURTHEME/) you will see a file named functions.php.

Drop it in that file and you are good to go! Usually most customization code will go in that file. The reason is that if you edit the plugin directly, you lose your changes every time it updates. Your functions.php allows you to override code in an upgrade-safe manner.


Actually I tried putting in the functions.php file but it caused a white screen. Please see the attached image of my functions.php update.

any ideas why this would cause a white screen?

Hi @Jono_Landon,

Please once try replacing below code with function “custom_rtmedia_default_music_thumb” :

function custom_rtmedia_default_music_thumb($allowed_types) {
    $allowed_types['music']['thumbnail'] = get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/images/default_music_thumb.jpg';
    return $allowed_types;
add_filter('rtmedia_allowed_types', 'custom_rtmedia_default_music_thumb');

Thank you, this stops the white screen issue, but I’m confused,… now the images just show as missing. How do I replace the default?

Hi @Jono_Landon,

Please make sure you have uploaded image to specified location i.e. in images folder of your theme folder.