What should be happening with FFMPEG addon?

It sounds like a stupid question, but I got the node installed and I can now upload various version of video files, but I’m missing what should be happening.

I see under media the files are there, but they are not converted, they are original. For example, I upload an m4v and an flv but in the media library they are exactly as those, not converted into mp4. Maybe something is wrong with my installation, but I have no errors.


@jenkisan it look like your media-node server it not running or not configured properly.

can you please check your setting in rtMedia > Settings > FFMPEG ? There is a check status button to diagnostic connection.

Also check your media-node server status by http://server-ip:port/status.

This is the first thing I tried, including the generate thumbnails to see what would happen.

When I press diagnostic button, the page reloads but othign is displayed. A bad sign? :frowning:

Thats really weird !

Can you please check status of your media-node server by server-ip:port/status ? may be FFMPEG add-on is not able to connect with media-node server.

I suggest you to restart your media-node server, may this will fixed your issue.