What login do I use to clear Pagespeed cache in the browser?

The version of Pagespeed in Easyengine requires visiting http://exmple.com/pagespeed_admin/cache?purge=/path/file.ext to clear the web cache.

When I navigate to this location I get a prompt saying authorization required. The problem is I can find no indication anywhere as to what username and password to use.

WordPress admin login, server login (root or sudo user). I found an ee password in htpasswd-ee. None of these work.

I’d really prefer it if I could just do this somehow via the command line but this option doesn’t seem to be available. How do do this?

I believe it is the HTTP Auth per https://easyengine.io/docs/commands/secure/ which you need to setup.

Note ee clean can do a pagespeed (and various other cache cleans) via the clean command at cli

You’re a life saver David - many thanks for that :grinning:

I wonder if the ee folk could add a note to their documentation pointing people in the right direction - it certainly wasn’t obvious to me.