What is the most Distro/OS people are using here?

Is it Ubuntu 14.04 or Debian 8.1? I just want to use the most popular one also :). Much lesser bugs and great compatibility.

We have quite a few Ubuntu

Most of my servers are running Ubuntu 14.04

Ow, But when I try Ubuntu 14.04 on Linode. Mysql can’t be installed. So I proceed on using Debian 8.1, all went fine.

I’m quite happily running MySQL on a Linode Ubuntu 14.04 VPS.

For me it’s Debian 7.8 on the older VPSs (to be upgraded to 8.1), and Debian 8.1 for new VPSs. Using Ubuntu for software development, but became quite a fan of Debian for web servers.

I just tried many times this week, using Ubuntu 14.04 on Linode and Myssql/MariaDb always failed.

Why is that? What advantages does Debian excel for web servers? :slight_smile:

@RoldanLT Before I was a Centos user because of the DirectAdmin panel. Since I wanted to move away from using a GUI control panel, I did quite some research before making a choice. I became fan of nginx, which made me bump on EasyEngine, and that limited the choice to Ubuntu and Debian. I’ve chosen Debian for it’s stability, which is key to me. Still very happy I made that choice :slight_smile:

OK, Thanks :slight_smile: I’m Ubuntu Desktop user also for several years now :). But I have plenty of CentOS 6.6 and 7.1 Servers :smiley:

Just started using EE this month :slight_smile: So force to Ubuntu/Debian server :smiley:

What failed? There are probably thousands if not millions of Ubuntu 14.04 servers running MySQL. It must be something local to your box.

It’s a fresh Linode 14.04. I tried it almost 10 times last week, all failed.

I wonder what you’re doing wrong then? When you say failed, what exactly happens?

Installed EE Mysql by this command: ee stack install --mysql

And it will stack forever.

Just provisioned a new Ubuntu 14.04 VM, installed ee and then ran your command. MariaDB successfully installed.

Here’s the showterm:


I mean only on Linode Ubuntu 14.04 KVM.

I’ve had this happen before as well and the solutions was

  1. Clean Install Ubuntu
  2. Run all Ubuntu updates first; we use

sudo apt-get update && time sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Then run EE install, Make sure you have the

11371/TCP (Outbound) : To connect to GPG Key Server

port open so ee can grab the keys

Ubuntu 14.04 :smiley: