What is the command to find out WP-CLI installed or not



what is the EE command to find out WP-CLI installed or not?


ee stack install --wpcli

it says it is already installed. what are the specific commands for different sites under a vps?



LOL I did that but I couldn’t find the specific command regarding to a specific site in a VPS. Anyways It is complicated for me, closing the topic.

Janio Sarmento support@rtcamp.com şunları yazdı (27 Tem 2016 17:13):

cd /var/www/yourdomain.com/htdocs
wp whatever command you want


thank you janiosarmento!


the command to find out if any file is installed is

which progname

so for example

which bash

will result in

Mahirs-iMac:~ mahir$ which bash


alternatively you can use whereis which is a bit different but will let you find software installed on your system as long as it has been indexed via mlocate or something similar.