What firewall ship with EE?

Like CSF or Fail2ban?

None, AFAIK.

I install Fail2Ban in my EE boxes, and it works great (but I still appreciate CSF more than Fail2Ban).

I hope, one of them will be included in the next version. I think fail2ban can combat layer 7 type of attack.

We use fail2ban internally with iptables

We haven’t explored CSF so I won’t be able to comment about it. Sorry. But you can add it to github issue tracker, may be with some example and references. :slight_smile:

We might replace or add UFW as we found it’s easier to work for whitelisting/blocking ip/ports.

Why not include it by default on EE installation? :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m Ubuntu 15.04 Desktop user. And this UFW is just really handy.

I really wish to include it and other stuff in EE.

It’s just we do not have big enough team or revenue to expand team. :expressionless:

So things are moving at really slow pace.