What caching method should i use for a static site?

Hello experts

I have a customer with a very heavy wordpress site , he is currently hosting at a shared hoster, which totally sucks, but i want to move the site to digital ocean or linode a.s.a.p.

Its not really a high-traffic site, just a one-page design build with VC and excessively use of revolution slider/carousel and background images , parallax effects and video. There is no registration or changing content , no blog or whatsoever, its more or less a static WP site. I just want it to be blazing fast. :smile:

What kind of caching would you recomment, WP super cache W3 total cache or redis cache ?

Thanks a lot :blush:

P.S. I just installed a redis WP- plugin on DO and i think its really great, but i don´t know much about the pros and cons https://macbroadcast.org

REDIS or FCGI would be great.

However, do stand by any miracle: all these VC stuff, carousels and other crap just slow down any website. There’s nothing you can do at server side do fix a poorly built site.

(My two cents.)


Thanks for your recomendation @janiosarmento , yes i know there are two types of wordpress websites, ugly and fast or pretty and slow :grin:

When you look at the website from kati perry for e.g. you might think its a nightmare from the performance side, but is it less popular because of the performance ? Guess not

So I just want to take the best of both worlds .


It’s possible to build a beautiful and fast website. The real cancer is the visual composer fashion. People should write their code rather than relying on mere tools.

Whatever, you already know what you want. Stick with it.

Next time I’ll think twice before letting people know opinion about any subject.


I agree with you :pensive:, the biggest performance issue is always the pagebuilder and his extensions. It take times to create your own page templates, but to have a page loading time under 1sec, it’s the best solution. EE is magic but will not do all your work for you

You guys seems to ignore , what one-page or pageless design really means, so you load a page with 6 topics at once, this means, after an of course little bit longer page load, the visitor does not have to wait while clicking on all the other navigation entrys.

My performance before and after


Greetings from the interwebs and have a nice sunday

P.S. I was´nt asking for an opinion on VC or pagedesign anyway