Weird problem with images and gallery

On my test page, which has shortcode [rtmedia_gallery global=“true” media_type=“photo”] has strange and not working link on “Load more” button,
this hattuari-jpg part is wrong i assume because load more is not working.
Strange thing is, some (most) images uploaded to activity stream getting attached to this hattuari.jpg

which i assume is totally wrong, it should be attached to Wall Posts?
And this hattuari.jpg other images seem to be attached to somehow, is actually existing image file which is attached to Wall Posts like every images should be?

Oh and all images you can see in these screenshots are uploaded same way, on activity stream page using rtMedia "Attach Files".

OH and another thing, i just noticed "Load More" is not working on your rtMedia demo site either..but that is a different problem i guess, maybe?

@ritesd, thanks for reporting this issue. This issue has been fixed and will updated in next release. In case you are in hurry, you can download zip from here ->