Webmail not working with Multisite installation

I have noticed that webmail.example.com does not work as expected with multisite Wordpress on subdomain as well as subdirectory. In both the case webmail.example.com is getting redirected to example.com. If I delete the website “ee site delete example.com” , then webmail.example.com loads roundcube again.

Apart from this wp-admin page isn’t redirecting to dashboard, in case of multisite subdirectory installation. I mean I am unable to login as admin.

I am still waiting for reply. If any user is facing same problem kindly share your experience.

Hi i have the same problem, please show us a solution ! Thanks

I am having exactly the same issue Installed easyengine on my VPS, setup all different stacks, the mail server, one WP MU site, and everything works perfectly well, except that I can’t access roundcube on webmail.mydomain.com Any help will be greatly apreciated

No one with a solution? I assume the wildcard server name in the multi-site config in /etc/nginx/sites-available is overriding the webmail.conf. Probably need to add an nginx webmail location to the multi-site domain conf. Searched here hoping to find an working example.

Ok, managed to do it.

Solution was to create the config


copy the data from


then enabled the site by doing ln -s command in


after all this do these commands

nginx -t
/etc/init.d/nginx stop
/etc/init.d/nginx start

Don’t forget to chmod the rights to the config file