Webhook not being triggered when pushing to git repo


I cannot get webhooks to trigger on commit like its suppose to. If I test the connection, it says connection established. But it doesn't trigger the webhook when pushing to the repo. I also read your webhooks user guide here: http://rtcamp.com/activecollab-gitolite/user-guide/webhooks/.

If I run the hook manually php test.php, it works. I am using your latest version of the module.

Any suggestions?


can you check that post-received hook is set properly on your remote gitolite server in /{gitolite_home_dir}/.gitolite/hooks/common/post-receive

add following line if not present (add your activeCollab Url and first five digit of your activeCollab licence )

/usr/bin/curl -s -kL "{activeCollab_url}/public/index.php?path_info=hookcall&code={Licence_first_five_digit}&repo_name=$GL_REPO"

Hi Faishal,

Yes, the line is already there.

Any other suggestions?

@fcruz5 i checked it with activeCollab 4.1.13 and its working fine.

Can you send me your server access details in private reply or on faishal.saiyed@rtcamp.com ?