[Warning] EasyEngine on Debian 8 Jessie packages

Hello there, just a warning for EasyEngine users on Debian 8 Jessie, be careful when you update your server packages, dotdeb.org repository released yesterday the package nginx 1.12.1. When you will use :

apt update && apt upgrade -y

It will remove the packages nginx-ee and nginx-custom to replace them with the last release of nginx. But it will not work with easyengine. If you have already remove the nginx-ee package, just add a # at the beginning of the line :

#deb http://packages.dotdeb.org jessie all

in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ee-repo.list. Then remove nginx :

apt remove nginx -common -y

And install again the proper version with

ee stack install --nginx

Update :

To use dotdeb.org repo without upgrading nginx, remove the # before the dotdeb repo in your ee-repo.list file and then use the command :

 sudo apt-mark hold nginx-ee nginx-custom nginx-common

This way you can still update redis and the other packages without having to worry about nginx version

I will see if there is a way to adapt build nginx-ee with the last release 1.12.1.

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Actually, it is impossible to install PHP7 on Jessie, too.

I was planning migrating my servers to Jessie in order to benefit from more up to date REDIS, but I had to step back and stick with Ubuntu.

I’m trying to build new nginx packages with the release 1.12.1, should be fixed soon. Just the time to understand the package building process. Then EasyEngine team will be able to release new version of nginx-ee.

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Thank you!

It is not impossible, I got PHP7 installed via ee stack install on Jessie.

Good for you, mate.

update : use apt-mark hold to block nginx update

Hi @virtubox

Follow your instructions but can’t get nginx to start. This problem happen after latest Debian update.

Has anyone found the solution? Thanks