Wall Posts Album Not in Album List


In previous versions, the album Wall Posts used to show up under the albums tab, and it of course contained all the wall post photos.

Now it does not appear, and it’s confusing for the user. Notice the screen grabs. Can this be fixed so that there is a Wall Posts album again?

Thank you for your help.


Hi @jgwolfensberger,

It should show wall posts album by default. You can check it on our demo site -> http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/, please check with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled, it might be a theme issue or a plugin conflict.

Hi @riteshpatel,

Yes, I do understand that there is normally a Wall Posts album. That’s what I want to correct. Mine is not there on my site. I have tested by disabling all plugins and running the Twenty Fourteen theme as you asked. It did not correct the issue.

My site is new and we have not launched it to members yet. There is no important media yet on our site. If you thought it could help, I would be willing to remove the RTMedia plugins and delete the tables from the database before reinstalling the plugin. Would that be worth trying? And if so, is it safe to just delete the tables? What are the names of the tables so that I can be careful?

What are your thoughts? I’ll give you admin access if required.


We did a full reinstall of our site and that corrected the issue.

We uninstalled both rtMedia and rtMedia Pro, dropped the rtMedia tables, reinstalled the plugin and that still didn’t bring the Wall Posts folder back. We couldn’t wait any longer and had to reinstall WordPress/BuddyPress.

Hi @jgwolfensberger,

Sorry for the late reply.

Wall Posts album only shown when you upload at least one media in that album.

Like I said, we removed and reinstall rtMedia, plus dropped the rtMedia tables. This was after doing as you asked, disabling all plugins and using the default theme. So we couldn’t wait any longer, we reloaded our entire website from the beginning to fix the problem.This was all with rtMedia PRO. We didn’t know about the premium support ticket system.

Meanwhile, twice you have returned to this thread and only repeated what the plugin should do. That is not helpful.

Our problem is fixed because we reloaded the entire site. Please close this issue.