Wall Posts Album global?

First of all, thank you for providing this great plugin free of charge. I have some issues with the wall posts album:

  1. In the readme.txt and RTMediaAlbum.php it says that the Wall Post Album is per default a global album. On the other hand it says that global albums are a pro-feature. Is the Wall Post Album global on my free version.
  2. I list the an album gallery with a shortcode. The Wall Post Album is not global and it links to the wall post media of my administrator profile (the first user of the site). However, in the database, all wall post photos have album_id 1, which corresponds to the wall post album. If the wall post album is global, how can I show this album (and what's its URL) in the gallery?
  3. Some users don't get their wall post photos uploaded in their wall post album, and have instead no album in the profile page. The album_id of the uploaded photos does not point to an album row in the media table. What would be a good place to start debugging?

Edit: I should note that my site uses the buddypress activity stream uploader.

1.Yes, Wall Post album is a global album. in rtMedia PRO you can create and manage multiple global albums and set default global album.

2.if you use shortcode than wallpost album url will be admin profile album url. [rtmedia_gallery global="true" media_type="album"]

3.if user doesn't select any album then default album will be wallpost album. you can start debug on uploaderEndpoint.php file in buddypress-media/app/main/controllers/upload

Faishal, thank you for your response. Since the Wall Post album is indeed a global album I have an additional question.

If I understand global albums correctly, then the Wall Post album collects all media from all users that was posted on the wall. However, I have not yet found the location, i.e. the URL, for this album. How can I display the whole album? Naturally, I don't want to display only the admins part of the Wall Post album, when using the gallery shortcode, but every users media.

@nickler - As of now this functionality has not yet been implemented. We have added this to our tasks list and would need to do some brainstorming on this so that it fits in the basic architecture.

Hi Faishal, I’m still confused and I think I have a similar problem. I’ve been trying to create a gallery page that displays anything that any member uploads to it. I used the gallery shortcode on that page. I also used the uploader shortcode on that page. So far, I see the uploader on that page but whenever I upload something, it just goes to my admin member media album. The gallery page itself remains blank except for the uploader. Can you tell me the exact strings for the two shortcodes to make this work? Or is this not something that rtMedia does? If not, then what exactly is a global gallery?

BTW, the shortcode generator for the uploader didn’t work - I had to manually type it in. Not sure why because it worked fine whenever I used it for the gallery. Not a big deal since I can always manually type it, but a bit annoying.

Otherwise, thanks for the great plugin.

For that use [rtmedia_gallery global=true ] and [rtmedia_uploader].

For more details click here

Let me know if it works.

Hi Faishal, yes, I’ve already tried those two shortcodes. The uploader one works. What happens is it uploads, but nothing displays on the global gallery page, even after I refresh the page. Then, when I go to my profile, the image I uploaded is in the album that I designated as global, except it’s only visible in my admin profile media page. Help?

The screenshot below show the gallery page after I uploaded an image. As you can see, it’s not displaying - it’s just letting me know the image is uploaded. “Artistry of Peace” is the name of the global album - you can see in the other screenshot below that it is in my admin profile, with the heart rock photo I had uploaded earlier.

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@zenxing it is really unexpected result.
can you please share your site access details so i can debug the issue ?

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I checked on your site its working on new page -> http://animators.playinthewild.org/?page_id=244&preview=true but that shortcodee is not executed on that page only !!!

Hi Faishal,

Thanks for creating a page that can display the gallery. Now the strange thing is that the uploader doesn’t work on the page you created. I’ve tried to upload 2 different jpegs and both times, even though it shows that the file has uploaded (through the green bar), the image doesn’t appear on the page (even after refresh) and also doesn’t appear in my admin album. Help?

@zenxing After publishing the post it will work http://animators.playinthewild.org/244-2/

Okay. One more question: it looks like right now that it displays media from all over the website (i.e. attachments that a user adds to their forum posts). Is it possible to have the global gallery ONLY display what gets uploaded to the gallery page?

Yes just remove global=true from shortcode it will display media only uploaded on that page.

Just refresh the previous link.

Hi Faishal, Thank so much. It works just as we hoped now. My coworker is wondering if there is a way also to post a link to a youtube video and have it display in the gallery? I’m guessing not, but I thought I’d ask.

@zenxing currently it is not possible.

ok thanks.

@zenxing Please check https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia-3-4-simplified-group-privacy/ and https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/common/shortcodes/

We have made significant changes to the way privacy is handled. Please let us know if you have any issues after these changes.