W3TC+WooCommerce MySQL running 40% - 50% of Memory DO 512MB is it normal?


i use DO 512MB the lowest packages, and i have installed woocommerce website, here is the detail about my server:

database size is 272,465,920 and have 28 tables (it’s shows on Adminer)

the memory usage is about 40% - 50% of Memory server, and sometime it’s spike to 60 or 70%

is that normal? and i have to upgrade the memory server? or something wrong with the configuration of MySQL?

by the way this is my mysqltuner.pl result


512MB is too low for your setup, IMHO.

Anyways, Linux will always try to maximize RAM usage in order to avoid disk I/O. This is not an issue itself.

so, theres no way to make it lower than 50% as suggested?

oh i forgot, my website is only have small visitor per month, maybe 30 visitor per month.

i thought 512mb will enough yo handle these visitor

but if i have to upgrade the ram, how much should i get? 2GB or more than that.

1GB + swap should be enough.

I don’t think people should expend money on hosting without testing smaller setups; what works for you is good enough, there is no need to pay for unused resources.

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