W3tc puts nginx.conf at root of site, now what?


with a fresh ee site create with the --wpfc flag, we get a fersh install of wp and w3tc plugin, but we also get a new nginx.conf file at the root of our sites, how is this to be used? seems we would have to modify the nginx configs that are loaded to ensure this file is loaded too?


Use --w3tc at site creation time, and forget any other nginx.conf.

Also, don’t use W3TC. Try using --wpredis. It is far more stable.


Ii’ve tried both, redis and w3tc.

And believe me -> I am definitely in the camp that prefers anything but w3tc, but truth is, redis ee does not yet work as well as w3tc does on woocommerce sites (in terms of window shopping and not caching cart/account pages), at least not in my experience.

So for now, i use w3tc. and yes, at the moment i agree, just ignore nginx.conf (as it seems to be mostly redundent configs from ee common wp files.


also, it would be nice if the guys at EE (RT Camp) would update us on their preferred caching for woocommerce sites with provided configs.

It seems like it’s been a few years since they had time to update us on their internal best practices in the docs/tutorials.

and i have seen for over a year now, the suggestion on these formus we skip use of w3tc, and yet, still see it installed by default.


Sorry, I was not aware of your WooCommerce needs.