W3tc is not working with Redis


I want to use Redis with w3tc but it is not working in EE v4. Is there any way to use w3tc with Redis in EE v4.

@ramuippala Why would you use w3tc if redis already does caching for you :thinking:

w3tc has more features so i want to use redis with w3tc

Uninstall w3tc. You are not supposed to use these together, and doing so will only complicate and slow down your website. Meaning it’ll have the opposite effect of what you want. You’ve already got an object and page cache running which are way faster than any php plugin can be. Just make sure you’ve got nginx-helper installed (and set to redis), and the wp-redis plugin by Pantheon. That’s all you need.

oh ThanQ for suggestion

@ramuippala for example we are using WP Rocket, BUT excluding page caching… it’s a Redis job with EasyEngine V4. We are using all the other useful stuff, like lazy loading or something…

@Davide_Prevosto Hi, Could you let me know how to exclude page caching on WP-rocket? And do you use Rocket-Nginx along with it? I also want to know how to set up Redis Cache with WP rocket. Thank you.


I’ll try the nginx conf in your link, we do not use that script yet.

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thank you, work for me