Visitor Upload

I am loving the plugin. Is there a way to make that visitors can upload without creating an account? The uploader will be used for a specific event. I am looking for something where people can upload without an account.

Thank you!

Hello @Scott_Lengacher,

Unfortunately, there is not any option available to allow visitors to upload media without registration as of now.


Thank you for your response! Much appreciated!

Hello @Scott_Lengacher,

If you can create a separate page/post and use it for your purpose then adding some custom code may help.

Please, try using the filter before_rtmedia_uploader_display.

For example:

 * Display rtMedia uploader depending whether $flag is set or not.
 * @param bool $flag True to show uploader, False to hide.
 * @return bool True to show uploader, False to hide.
function tmp_rtm_before_rtmedia_uploader_display_callback( $flag ) {

	// modify $flag based on some conditions.
	return true;

add_filter( 'before_rtmedia_uploader_display', 'tmp_rtm_before_rtmedia_uploader_display_callback' );


That worked!!! Made my day! Thanks for the help!!

You are welcome @Scott_Lengacher,

I am glad to know that your issue has been fixed.

Closing this topic for now. Please, feel free to create new if you need any assistence.