Virtubox easyengine load proglem


Hello, I installed my server with virtubox configuration files. I’m using a 2.5 GB RAM 2 CPU google server. There are 3.5k concurrent users on my site. but load 2.5 please help me

installation took place here :



Are you using a caching plugin?

It is possible that you have some uncached pages and for each user you get a PHP process due to that you might be maxing out your resources.

Can you tell me which is the website if you are ok with that?


Hello @deniz_keskin,

with 3.5K concurrent users, load-average under 5 do not seems too high for me.
Have you disabled wp-cron to run them manually with a cronjob ?


For this hardware, with 3500 concurrent users, this server load is pretty fair.

Unless there is another problem I can’t see; in such case someone will have to enlighten me.