ViMbAdmin Password

Hi all I forgot my password for ViMbAdmin, is there a way to retrieve this please?

Thanks in advance

there should be a forget password at the login page

if that is what u want.

@dett, and what if Mail Server postfix is not working in the server and ViMbAdmin is unable to send mail?

It was a huge headache for me, and was unable to send mail of the lost password.

But fortunately, I tried some other password, and in one lucky hit, it opened, and I was able to change the password from within. :smiley:

Hi thanks for reply,

Yes there is a lost password screen but it tells you to verify using the login email and I don’t have a password for that. I am still getting emails so the server is working, my only problem is accessing ViMbAdmin. Any other suggestions guys?

Help is appreciated