Vimbadmin: add new domain


I want to have a domain’s webmail (e.g: webmail2.mydomain1_com) in a server which VimbAdmin and easyengine have been set up before (e,g: mydomain2_com). Here is what I’ve done:

1-Go to mydomain2_com:22222/vimbadmin/public/domain and added mydomain1_com as a new domain 2-Go to mydomain1_com DNS management panel and add these two records: A record for webmail2.mydomain1_com to mydomain2_com’s IP MX record for webmail2.mydomain1_com with 10 priority

The problem is that, when I open webmail2.mydomain1_com it shows nginx default page rather than roundcube. While I have set up another two domain on the VimbAdmin which their are working fine. the Different is Those two domains are hosted on the same server which VimbAdmin is set up, but mydomain1_com is hosted somewhere else. I also tried to create a dummy php website on mydomain2_com, but nothing has been changed.

I got confused. please help.

The problem was webmail2. It should be only webmail to work properly.