Videos behave different on wall and posts


Hi, When I upload a video, properly formatted MP4 (H.264 Codec) to my wall it goes off with out a hitch. I get an embedded video just as I would expect. It sits there nice and patient until I click on it to play. However, if I go to a blog, new post, and using the insert media I choose a video and click insert into post all I get is a link, no imbedded video. I've found if I go into text and use an iFrame code I get an embedded video that plays from my library after copying the video's link. The only problem is they auto play. To make it even more difficult, if I click on one post it autoplays and all my other posts with videos began to play!

What is the key to getting videos that are uploaded to my wp installation to play as expected? I've got to be missing something simple Thanks,



Could you post a link to the wall you are talking about?



Sorry, I sometimes forget all the different puzzle pieces. I am using the buddyboss theme. It is a school multipress site so it is behind a login. I do have a guest account setup if I can PM you. But this shows the wall I'm talking about. The plugin puts an attach media right below the entry box. Adding video here behaves as I would expect. I get my text and a nicely embedded video that only plays when I ask it to.

On any other type of posting on this site or any other site in my multipress install all I get is a link using the insert into post button. I can jump through hoops and use the post url and get an imbed code using a button on TinyMCE but they auto play, all at once when the site is opened.



The video functionality is not there yet in WordPress. We add it as a layer on top only for BuddyPress Media's functionality. The good news is this has changed and will be out soon: