Video Upload not working


Every video file I try to upload, I get the following error: Error: -601, Message: File extension error., File:

Suggestions please.....


Hi kariamuk,

Most of the browsers don't play mov files. They support mp4. So even if mov files were allowed they wouldn't play on most of the browsers. Hence, BuddyPress Media only supports mp4.

However, we have addons for handling other formats of videos.

  1. BuddyPress Media FFMPEG
  2. BuddyPress Media Kaltura


Okay, I just purchased the BuddyPress Media FFMPEG + Media Node Setup Service and when I go to the download, I get a blank screen and am unable to download anything. Please advise.....


Hi kariamuk,

I got to know from Mr. Rahul that he has already contacted you regarding this.

Thanks for the purchase.