Video Thumbs Setting Basic Dumb Question?

Hi Folks

really sorry about this. I am 99% sure I saw a setting somewhere to allow thumbnails to show for video uploads? I am sure it had the option between icon and thumbnail. Hopefully someone knows the setting I am talking about.

I have scoured every setting area on my WP install - BP settings, theme settings, rtMedia settings, Transcoder settings. I am going nuts trying to find this setting.

Can someone point me to where that setting is?

Unless I imagined it and there is a bug with the upload?

Your help would be greatly appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @AdamK,

There are two ways to set thumbnails for the video uploaded by rtMedia. Let me explain you both.

#1 Using the Transcoder service -

Once you have successfully transcoded your video using the transcoder, you will get thumbnail selection option under Edit Media screen in Video Thumbnail tab. These thumbnails will be generated from the video only.

#2 Using rtMedia Set Custom Thumbnail for Audio/Video -

You can use our premium addon rtMedia Set Custom Thumbnail for Audio/Video to set custom thumbnail by uploading new image. You will find this option under Edit Media screen as well in Media Thumbnail tab.

I hope this is what you were looking for.

Thanks for your assistance Pranali :slight_smile:

You are welcome, @AdamK.

I am closing this topic now. Feel free to create new if you have any doubts.