Video thumbs different for [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode and member's media page

When I use the [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode in page.php I get a list of videos displayed each having a thumbnail which is a still image taken from the actual video. This is great.

However, when I visit a members media page (members/USERNAME/media) I get a list of that member's videos each having the default thumbnail image.

Is it possible to have the member's media page display videos in the same way as [rtmedia_gallery]?

@henrywright in both template we use rtmedia_image() function which is returning thumbnail for media.

@faishalsaiyed ah yes I see that now - my apologies.

With reference to displaying videos with a thumbnail image taken from the video - it can be done as rtmedia_featured() does it very well.

Here there is no need for the default video thumbnail to be used.

Could we have the same happen for the videos in the media gallery?

in rtmedia_featured() we defined preload="true" in video code, it will preload video data and showing fist slice of video as wordpress doing in 3.6. but in gallery, Preloading all video will generate an unnecessary load, so that why we are showing default thumbnail. if video have thumbnail images then it will show that thumbnail image,.

FYI : in feature release we are planning for adding regenerate video thumbnail option.

Thanks for explaining @faishalsaiyed... The regenerate video thumbnail option sounds interesting!