Video posts are not playing in the activity stream

I’m building a community site with buddypress and predicated on video content. For self-hosted content, I have the JW Platform.

No plugins have yet been added to allow users to upload video and media into their activity feeds. The first consideration in the design is to have fully searchable content on public pages that also shows up in the activity feeds. For normal postings this seems to be working fine to the activity stream.

Video is not. The post synopsis and video thumbnail (featured image) display in the stream, but the video does not play.

Am I missing something in the settings or is there another plugin that needs to be added to make video functional in the activity stream.


Hello @msgarvin,

Could you confirm if you get the same issue when the other plugins on your site have been disabled and WordPress default theme enabled? Also, can you specify which video format you are trying to upload?


Hello thank you for the response.

If you go to the web site playground (, you will see all of the various tests that have been tried for uploading a video. The post names indicate what video format attempted. Still nothing crosses the barrier between video blog content and the activity feed. I have tested other content types (featured image post, block quotes). These migrate from the post into the activity feed.

I¹ve included RTMedia¹s debug information. Perhaps something immediately comes to mind from that.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Thank you, Michael

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Hello @msgarvin,

We found that you are using YouTube,Vimeo etc URL links to post in BuddyPress activity. rtMedia allows to upload the video physically and not to link videos from URL. These links are handled by BuddyPress itself.

I hope that clears your doubt. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Hi Friend,

Again thank you for your response. I think perhaps I need to clarify the situation. I’m not trying to allow people to upload their video files to the buddy press activity feed. I don’t want to host millions of petabytes of files (at least not yet). There is no SEO boost for posting something in an activity stream and this site is about marketing businesses. I’m allowing publishers to be able to create blog posts that appear on the home pages of the web site. Most of these posts will be in video format.

I’m trying to get this content to also play in the BP Activity feed where the social community can flourish. It seems like this should be an easy task given the number of video sites that function this way, but it has proven most difficult.

Right now, in the Activity Feed there is t a thumbnail with a synopsis of the post, rather than a playing video.

Any thoughts?

Thank you, Michael

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