Video Player Size

I have video that shows up fine, when I press play, the play button disappear and a quarter of the video. When I right click on the video and and select inspect element, the rest of the video shows up and sometimes the control bar. How can I please fix it?

Also, I noticed that when a user uploads a video, it assigns whatever the filename was to the title(.rtmedia-item-title) when displayed in the activity stream, it would be great if the user can change that title in the uploading process. I also know users can change that same title(.rtmedia-media_title) in their edit option after the upload, but unfortunately when changed, .rtmedia-media_title changes in the lightbox, but not .rtmedia-item-title in the activity stream. Is their a way to fix that as well?

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Hi Rick,

  1. Please check it with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled.

  2. We will look into it and will be fixed in future update.