Video not playing in firfox

I’ve noticed a year old post where this was reported. by any chance, will it be looked at soon?

Hello @rickmcgroovy,

Please once check with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled. Also you can check it on our demo site ->

Thank you.

I have this problem too, and always have. Certain installations of FireFox will refuse to play videos. Here’s what I’ve found:

FireFox Windows 7 -- WORKS
FireFox Windows XP -- NO VIDEO
FireFox MacOS -- NO VIDEO
FireFox Linux -- NO VIDEO
FireFox Windows Vista -- Some get video, some do not
Chromebook Chrome -- NO VIDEO  (Note:  Windows Chrome works just fine, only fails on Chromebook devices)
Opera - NO VIDEO

All users who reported these issues were running the current version of FireFox…

I have tried that… I think @illusionsglass may be onto something. Unfortunately, I have no clue why that happends

Hi @illusionsglass and @rickmcgroovy ,

Try adding a sample video on any WordPress blog post using standard WordPress’ “Add Media” and check if it works or not with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled just to make sure that it has anything to do with browser or not.