Video is not working on IE and Google Chrome

Hi, in my site,, when an user post a video on activity area ( buddypress) the video does not work correctly.

In Chrome the video just play the sound and teh image keeps black, for IE does not work nothing…

I am using mesocollumn theme, but whn I have changed the problem kept happening…

Thank you for your attention

Hello @fjalom,

We checked your theme by uploading video file and it worked fine. Could you confirm if you are facing the same issue when you activate one of WordPress default theme and deactivate other plugins on your site too? It will help to debug any conflicts if they exists.

Thank you.

Hi,thank you for your answer… Yes, I have a localhost and I have deleted all plugins unless buddypress and rtmedia and the problem kept happening :frowning: Interesting is that on mobile it works perfectly

Hello @fjalom,

Can you specify which video format you are trying to upload ( .Mp4 or other )?

Whenever other format video uploaded that require to convert into .Mp4 format first. In this case you can try the free video conversion service from us


Thank you… It seems the problem was the format…