Video in bp User profile

Is possible with rtmedia/pro any user upload or link (from vimeo/youtube and or hosted/rtMedia ffmpeg) and the video show in the user profile like near the image/avatar ?
In other word i want show a video is the personal user presentation

(not show in activity or in album/media)


Hi @mywavi,
Embedding youtube/vimeo video feature not yet added in rtMedia-PRO but you can do that using featured media feature. User can set video to feature and you can show them in member header along with image/avatar.

Check this page -> for more info on featured media.

Thankyou Ritesh,

I’m able put video in member header trought this code <?php rtmedia_featured(); ?>

How i can put this code open in popup windows
(like push here and open a popup with featured video similar gallery open video inlightbox)

Hi @mywavi,

You can also pass user id in that function like <?php rtmedia_featured( $user_id ); ?> and it will fetch the featured media of specified user. This way you can put this code anywhere you want, you just need to pass user id as an argument.

Hi Ritesh,

Can you explain better with one example ?

thankyou verymuch !

Can you give me some more details regarding which popup window you are talking about? Is it the rtMedia lightbox?

The important is not show the video directely on page but a link/button for open in popup the video.
Rtmedia lightbox or other

So what you can do is make an ajax call and pass current user id and fetch the featured video of that particular user using above code I gave you and show it in lightbox or popup.