Very weird display of the media gallery shortcode


Hi there,

I truly hope there is someone here that can help me out on this.

When I use the media gallery shortcode the final display is very weird. It seems like there are very big offsets between all the images it shows up.

I have tried the quick fix by adding the line of code to my themes functions.php file but with no luck.

I have also moved the rtmedia templates to the theme folder under rtmedia and in the buddypress media folder.

Nothing works for me, I’m fairly new to all this coding so I hope theres someone here that can guide me in the right direction on this.



Hi @Jakes,

We have tested it on our side and it is working fine on demo site .

Please check it with WordPress default theme once.

Can you please provide screen-shot so that we can trace the exact issue ?


Hi there

The default theme does work without any problems.

But as soon as I load the theme we need to use, this is the results we get.


See what I mean with the huge gaps between all the content in the Gallery?

If i turn off the crop and give the thumbs a auto height this is the results:

Notice how big the link tab on highlight is on the image.


Hi there,

Well this is odd.

For some reason when I changed the template for the page, and changed it back again. Everything is working like it should.

Truly have no idea what was wrong but I’m glad its working again.


Hi @Jakes,

We are glad to know that your issue has been solved.