Very strange redirect created

I followed the steps. I don’t know if another code is interfering but this link was created.

Because of the extra letters at the end, none of the redirects are working.

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So I deleted the conflicting code. I got better results but the redirect still didn't work. I have included a picture of the redirect link plus the link it is supposed to go to. Thank you!!

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I cross checked the URL from your old blog and new WordPress blog Old blog new blog

The permalink you are using in WordPress is different than blogger permalink. Hence to make the redirect work properly, change the permalink structure in WordPress to /%year/month/postname.html. Refer the section "Configure Permalinks on New WordPress" in this article

It works now! I was trying to eliminate the .html and dates because it messes with SEO. Oh well I'm just so happy my links work! Thank you so much!

I am getting that same problem but I made sure the permalinks are correct. In the verify section I am getting really weird links. See screen grabs.

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Actually.. My permalink structure is the one given in the migrate tutorial which is /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html (I just changed it back to this but the redirect wasnt working with it anyways)




Check the URL which you have during the verification section, there is extra http after your domain. Cross check other URLs also, if you are getting such more links, then there is something wrong with the content importing.

What should I look at to see whats causing it? I followed instructions from the video.. I see there are the wrong urls in the verification but I am not sure how those get there. When I go to a blog post my urls look fine. Thanks for the help!


I don't think all the posts URLs has that extra http path.


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Follow this video for better understanding about complete blog migration process.