Very Simple Mail Server


I’ve setup EE4 on Ubuntu 18.04. Can someone direct me in setting up a simple mail server, one in which I can access the inbox and reply from there? I would normally use Zoho mail or G Suite but my requirement for this one is that the emails should be stored in my server. I have read some tutorials but mostly about V3 using V3 commands. Please help. Thank you.


I found Modoboa. Looks very straightforward to setup but my question is, will it work with EE4?


I would try and run a mail server docker container and hook it up with EE’s network. Maybe this:


Oh thank you for this. Will look it up and try it.


Take a look at
it’ll run great on a $5/mo linode/digital ocean box.
as long as “my requirement for this one is that the emails should be stored in my server” means a server you control and not the same server. Don’t install on the same machine as EE !


Thanks David. But this is required in our country when a business plans to make a contest as per Trade Regulations, any data related to the contest should be stored in the local server monitored by a rep from the Trade department. In fact we have our main site (.com) on a DigitalOcean droplet and a separate domain ( is on the local server which will only contain any contest related data. The trade department also provides just one box for this purpose so we have no choice but to put contest related data in that box.