BTW, I’m blown away by the script - amazing! I am really impressed and love what I see on the road map so far too!

I’ve been having amazing results with varinish and nginx together… what are the possibilities of adding varnish as an option?

Or can you tell a way for me to add varnish to a fork of easyengine


@yoyo-admin Varnish is not in the roadmap. You may read reasons here -

EasyEngine is on Github - and GPL.

Feel free to fork it to create/maintain a varnish version. There may be more people who are interested in Varnish so when you varnish version is ready, just let us know.

We will be happy to link to varnish version for people who want varnish.


Actually nevermind! look at these stats from

This rush generated 25,420 successful hits in 60.00 seconds and we transferred 193.69 MB of data in and out of your app. The average hit rate of 423.67/second translates to about 36,604,800 hits/day. The average response time was 157 ms.

ZERO Errors | ZERO timeouts

This is plenty fast enough for me!! Congratulations on an awesome script!!

I used: ee site create --wpsubdom --wpfc I left eveything stock and no changes and get those stunning results above


Glad to know that you got awesome results. :-)

WPFC (nginx's fastcgi cache) is very fast and scalable.

EasyEngine will add some more tweaking so that you will get better results when we reach version 2.0. :-)


This rush generated 25,420 successful hits in 60.00 seconds

Was there any unsuccessful hits?

If yes, can you tweak linux using - and then re-run test again?

Actually, we are planning to add sysctl tweaking to easyengine -

If it makes any difference to your tests, that data will be helpful for upcoming release.


Zero misses actually : )

I'll review the tweaks nonetheless... and report back


Zero misses actually : )

Glad to know that. :-)

If you see any difference after tweaking system, please let us know.



ok, I added sysctl changes

maybe I should really hammer the server till it breaks this time


Be careful. I guess is costly for bigger tests!


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