Vagrant Easy Engine 71Protocol Error

Good Day Everyone!

I’ve been having issues setting up a local virtual environment using Vagrant and EE on a Xenial64 box.

General installation of ee goes on with no problems. However, when I create a site, I get a 71protocol error, Unable to create symbolic link. Appropriate screenshots are attached.

My vagrant box has 2 network interfaces so I can simulate domain name resolutions to the vagrant box through my hosts file. I had no issues like this before.

I may be missing a step and any guidance to point me to the right direction for troubleshooting would be a big help.




Commented out his line in my Vagrant file

#config.vm.synced_folder “www”, “/var/www”, owner: “root”, group:“root”

Seems like the error is related to the way VirtualBox mounts its shared folders. Once this was removed, ee no longer had any site create errors.

Does anyone have a recommended config setting to enable shared folders in Vagrant without conflicting with ee?