V4 server to server migration

Can anyone please list all the steps for v4 to completely migrate a site from a server to another?

Thank you!

I think the easiest way would be to just create the site on the second server with the same config flags you’ve used on the first server. So if your first server has caching enabled, or a wildcard certs, then you would create the site on the second server with that exact same setup. When creating the site on the second server you can use the flags --admin-user=existingusername --admin-pass=existingpassword --admin-email=existingemailaddress@domain.com so WP is configured to have the same account credentials you currently have. You can also add flags to have the same database name/user/password but that’s not necessary.

Then on server #1 install the UpdraftPlus backup plugin, create a full backup of the site. Point the A records to server #2, log in, install UpdraftPlus on this fresh WordPress setup, upload your backup files and restore.

You can use a plugin, regardless the server setup.
Or you can just copy - paste all the files and then insert database + adjust the wp-config file.