V4 beta SSL

Hi, I would like to test out the beta, but SSL is must have for me even on test sites. Is there a workaround for adding SSL to a 4.0 beta site that will not break other functionality? Can I just generate my cert separately and include the lines manually in the conf?

Hmm… do you perchance have HSTS enabled on your domain?

Other than that I’m finding it difficult to justify why SSL would be a MUST for a test site.

Sorry I should have been more specific. It is a must for a particular test site I would like to use that is a copy of one that has some sensitive information on it. I need to create this test copy anyway to make some modifications, and it would just be great if I could test v4 at the same time (killing two birds with one stone as it were). Strictly speaking I can use some other non sensitive data, it will just be longer before I can get around to the testing I would like to do.

The question remains though: What is the recommended way (or is there one) to manually enable SSL on a v4 site?

Install and run LetsEncrypt manually, and separately.

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As @ZinkDifferent has pointed out just install certbot and you should be fine. I already do that with the current version of Nginx since I have HSTS also the latest version allows wildcard certs so I just pull down one cert per domain and other benefits