V 3.8.1 after upgrade issue

when running below command

ee site info ctetexam.co.in
Information about ctetexam.co.in:

Nginx configuration wp wpsc (enabled)
PHP Version 5.6
HHVM disabled
SSL disabled

access_log /var/www/ctetexam.co.in/logs/access.log
error_log /var/www/ctetexam.co.in/logs/error.log
Webroot /var/www/ctetexam.co.in
DB_NAME deleted
DB_USER deleted
DB_PASS deleted

site is running on https. site opening fine. but unable to renew ssl and showinf db is deleted and site running on php7 but showing it is running on php5.6
and when i try to execute this command

ee site update --all --php7
Check logs for reason tail /var/log/ee/ee.log & Try Again!!!

Command Output: ,
Command Error: mysqldump: Got error: 1049: “Unknown database ‘deleted’” when selecting the database

2019-03-13 03:24:50,222 (INFO) ee : [Fail]
2019-03-13 03:24:50,222 (DEBUG) ee : ‘mysqldump failed to backup database’

I’m having the exact same issue

i’ve run,

sudo ee sync,
but no luck

my wp-config.php file is in the correct location,

any ideas?