Using WinSCP to Upload Content Directly to Theme directories

When I use WinSCP to try to upload some image files to replace sample images in the U-Design child theme’s images folder, I get a “Permission Denied” message.

I’m using an Amazon EC2 Ubuntu instance with the Easy Engine install, with the default EC2 username for the AMI (image) of “ubuntu.”

Is there a safe way to accomplish this, or can I just change permissions for the themes folder? What commands should I use?


Hi, @davewhittle,

EasyEngine webroot has permission for www-data user. You need to enable shell access for user www-data to upload images.

This article will help you to enbale SFTP/Shell Access for www-data user:

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Thanks for the pointer. As far as I can tell, I can’t access the EC2 instance via Putty using www-data - I have to login as ubuntu. Same with SCMP - Amazon doesn’t seem to let any other username access the instance, since it uses a .ppk file for authentication, not a username and password.

What else can you suggest? Thanks.

@davewhittle, www-data is deafult user for web server. It is created by default.

For EC2, you will requires PAM key only for Ubuntu user if and only if you have not set the password. You can create as many users as you want and can be accessed using password