Using site-wise PHP version


I was using serverpilot for managing a small vps for several wordpress sites. The main benefit (for me) of it is the ability to choose php version for every site. However, its downside is huge resource consumption i.e. 80% RAM consumption on average. And I have found EasyEngine very efficient in this regard.

I would like to switch to EE, but need a workaround to choose PHP version for every sites. Can you guys show me any way?


I think that’s not possible.

@RoldanLT Thanks for your response.

Can you explain a bit further why it may not be possible. Server pilot is doing this, why not with EasyEngine?

EasyEngine always installs the latest version of PHP.

No possible to have multiple versions.

Hello @nezam05

Regarding your query, EasyEngine currently doesn’t have the feature you asked for.

For your workaround, i would like to suggest you this :

@Prabuddha Thank you for your response.

I am a newbie to server management and have tried phpbrew, but cant get it work. Was unable to configure it according to their documentation.


We have this use case in our roadmap. refer (